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I am Rev. Dr. Michael R. Vanderpool intuitive astrologer, internationally known and traveled in over 26 countries, and a member of the Magi Society, the APA (American Press Association), and Legal Shield. I am a former nursing home administrative assistant and provide ongoing consult to one, and a black belt in tae kwon do. I use Magi astrology, other astrology, and my intuition to predict life events and times with for you, weeks or months before those events take place. I will help you navigate the course ahead and have a deeper insight into the soul, and timing for best success, combined with cutting edge research in the most modern day astrology. By aura video & character, I am a true Adult Indigo. I am the author of the extremely accurate predictive ebook "A Storm Warning For Israel - Spring/Summer 2007". My (Youtube/Facebook) 'Astrological Heads Up for May/June 2011' was again 'down to the day' accurate (UN meeting in Rome Italy May 5 2011).  In sum total so far, I have made 10 successful ‘public’ accurate ‘documented’ published ‘before hand’ predictions on major geopolitical events & financial markets moves a month to two months in advance before they happened, down to the week or day they happened.  See my 'Documented Proof' of this site for more.  My fixed star angle on the moment at birth is Menkar, the empath, interpreted as 'one who can sense or know the future'.

An intuitive astrology consultation gives you a deeper insight into your personality, and compatibility with anyone involved in romance, disturbed marriages, or love affairs with the most accurate and best of ancient and modern researched astrology - Magi Astrology. I will also help you determine the current, or future cycles of time in your life, and best times to avoid certain activities, engage in new or important activities, as well as when to be prepared for upcoming life events.  With foreknowledge, some events sometimes can be changed, minimized, or avoided, while the Spirit, mind, and circumstances can be better prepared for those that cannot.  The doctrine of the Magi states that life will present you with trials and tests which you will pass or fail – this light of knowledge better prepares you for those trials and tests, and at it’s best offers true astrological alchemy, using electional astrology to set up a powerful birth chart and progression for natalizing a new meeting, new job, business, or other endeavors regarding love or money.  You can  with awareness  choose the energy you capture from the stars into matters of love and money in your life.  This is the most powerful and practical use of Magi Astrology.

Now use the stars and intuition to enhance your relationships, and navigate more successfully and safely ahead. I do astrological research with combined alignment charts, electional astrology, determine serial cheater aspects, best wedding dates, divorce timing strategies, love compatibilities, and predictive astrology in looking ahead. Are you experiencing, or will you experience heartbreak?  Find past, present, and future heartbreak transits, and with this awareness you can ‘sometimes’ minimize the effects of these, saving relationships or marriages at best, or making better informed fully aware conscious choices without being under the full force or influence of   negative stars/transits, on matters of love or money. Don’t move forward in life blindly, navigate with deep insight, and true vision. Free stone recommendations upon request.  Get your personalized love storm warnings and magical power dates for taking action to better brighten & empower you & your future now!

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Disclaimer:  No intuitive or astrologer is 100% accurate. I cannot guarantee success or accuracy.  All products & services on this website and by Rev. Michael R. Vanderpool are offered for entertainment purposes only.

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